Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations/Code of Conduct

Everyone must comply with all Federal, State, and Local laws, ordinances and regulations at all times.

Power Morphicon expects respectful and courteous behavior from all attendees. Please be considerate of the Guests of Honor, staff, convention center, hotel and your fellow attendees.

Power Morphicon is a family friendly, PG-13 and under event. Please keep this in mind and behave appropriately.

Attendee Conduct with PMC Guests

Please remember that the guests of Power Morphicon are people that have taken time out of their busy schedules to attend this event. We ask that you respect their personal space. When guests are engaged in activities or conversations, please be courteous and wait your turn. If guests are taking a break between panels or events or if you encounter guests immediately outside of convention premises, please refrain from imposing yourself.

Guests and convention staff will let you know when they are available over the course of the weekend. Because they are normal people, Power Morphicon guests need time to eat, sleep, and wind down and we therefore require all attendees of Power Morphicon to adhere to the right to privacy for all VIP guests both on and off PMC grounds.

Harassment Policy

“No” means “no.” “Stop” means “stop.” “Go away” means “go away.”

If someone is harassing you and does not respect these simple rules, contact a security team member or convention staff. Power Morphicon convention staff and security personnel have the right to remove an attendee’s badge for not following these rules and their commands, whether there have been prior offenses or not, and may eject a person from the convention.

Harassment is any behavior that seriously annoys or alarms another person. This includes unwanted physical contact, following someone in a public area, verbal assaults, or threatening physical violence. An offender may lose their badge and the matter may be referred to the proper law enforcement authorities. If you are being harassed, immediately contact security or a nearby member of staff.

Costume & Clothing Policy

Please keep in mind that Power Morphicon is a PG-13 or under event and plan your attire accordingly.

  • Private parts must be covered with no risk of indecent exposure.
  • Costumes must comply with federal, state, and local laws and customs of public decency.
  • All costumes worn in the convention center must fit through a standard doorway.
  • For any costumes with limited visibility or movement Power Morphicon strongly recommends having a “handler” to help with crowd navigation and safety. If you choose to forgo a “handler” please be aware that if Power Morphicon staff deem your lack of handler to constitute a safety risk you will be asked to change.

Prop/Weapons Policy

Real weapons of any kind are NOT permitted at Power Morphicon. This includes, but is not limited to: guns, knives, swords, bows and arrows, spears, whips, mace and tasers. Any prop or weapon which is illegal in the United States or in the state of California is prohibited.

In order to carry a prop at Power Morphicon you must have it peace-bonded at the designated peace-bonding station. All props will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

  • Only props which are part of a cosplay/go with a costume will be allowed
  • You must be in costume to carry a peace-bonded prop.
  • Gun-like props must have an orange safety tip at the end of the barrel that is clearly visible from the side.
  • No projectiles. If you wish to use a nerf or water gun to create your prop it must be completely non-functional. Likewise any bow type prop must be either completely unstrung or incapable of holding tension.
  • Props must be able to easily fit through a standard doorway.
  • Using props in an unsafe or threatening manner may result in your peace-bonding being revoked requiring you to remove the prop from the convention area immediately.
  • Signs in general are prohibited. Any signs allowed for cosplay purposes must be an integral part of the character you are cosplaying and subject to peace bonding.
  • Failure to comply with the removal of a prohibited prop will result in the loss of your badge and expulsion from the convention.

Photography and Videography

Photographs and video are allowed in all common areas of the convention unless otherwise specified. Specific rules and restrictions apply at certain events and panels. For more information regarding restrictions please consult the program guide at the convention and pay attention to signs and/or announcements when entering a panel or event area.

Photography or videography of Power Morphicon events, staff, or attendees for the purpose of sale, or publication to the press is expressly forbidden unless written permission has been obtained from Power Morphicon in accordance with its press policy. Individuals may take pictures and videos for private viewing.

Acceptance of a Power Morphicon admission constitutes consent to be filmed or photographed by Power Morphicon staff or approved industry or media during the Power Morphicon event without compensation to you. Your acceptance of a membership and attendance at any Power Morphicon event, including the convention, constitutes a grant of rights to Power Morphicon to reproduce, display, distribute, perform, create derivative works from and otherwise use any footage or parts of the footage that it affixes in any media and in any manner throughout the world in perpetuity, including on the internet, broadcast, satellite and other transmissions.

These rules apply to all attendees (exhibitors, guests, or any level of regular membership).

Drug and Alcohol Policy

No drugs or alcohol are allowed in the convention. Power Morphicon also does not tolerate public intoxication. Failure to comply with this policy may result in your immediate expulsion from the convention.

If you are hosting a party off convention grounds where alcohol is being served, it is your responsibility as host to ensure that the age of anyone drinking alcohol is checked.

Please remember when off convention grounds that you are acting as an “ambassador” for both Power Rangers as a property and Power Rangers fandom as an entity, and your actions may reflect back accordingly. You should also designate someone not to drink, so that there is a fully competent person present to deal with any emergencies that might arise.

Buying, Selling, and Solicitation

Power Morphicon will have a vendor/exhibitor/dealer hall. All sales and anyone who receives payment for goods in the convention space must comply with the convention’s vendor/exhibitor rules regardless of location. All vendors must have a California Seller’s Permit. Other restrictions may apply. Please see our exhibitor registration page if you wish to become a vendor/exhibitor.

Any solicitation, whether verbally or using signage, for monetary payment or exchange of services at the convention that does not comply with these restrictions may result in the offender losing their badge, the requirement to return all payments, and expulsion from the convention area.

Some examples of solicitation or sale that are prohibited are musicians requesting tips, setting up artwork for sale in the halls, and passing out signs or cards to people soliciting their business in areas other then the aforementioned commerce areas. Please also note that certain solicitations are ILLEGAL and will result in membership badge forfeiture, and possible referral to the proper law enforcement authorities.

Any solicitation or selling outside requires a street vendor license from the city and/or county.

Signs offering favors for sale such as kisses, hugs, dates, gropes, spankings, etc. are strictly prohibited as they may be viewed as forms of prostitution. Attempts to circumvent any of these rules such as throwing money and merchandise on the ground and other such tactics are also prohibited. Should you be caught engaging in such activities, you may be ticketed and fined, and possibly sent to jail.

All signs are prohibited unless approved for specific use by Power Morphicon. Cosplay is not an exception from the prohibition and cosplay signage falls under Power Morphicon’s props/weapons peace bonding policy. Unapproved signs will be confiscated and/or destroyed. Repeat offenses may lead to your being required to forfeit your attendee badge and result in a ban from the convention.


Membership badges and event tickets will NOT be sent via mail.

Members will need to pick up their membership badge(s) from Registration upon arrival at the convention. Photo ID and Membership receipt required for badge pick up. All special event tickets and membership package items will be given to you at the time of your badge pick up. Registration hours will be posted closer to the time of the convention.

Blue and Yellow Ranger memberships will be available for purchase at the convention. All other memberships must be purchased during the online registration period.

Children 12 and under get in free with the purchase of an adult membership.*

Power Morphicon Badges are property of Power Morphicon, and are lent to Members for their exclusive use and enjoyment. Memberships (and therefore Badges) are non-transferable. Badges may not be modified, tampered with, or copied in any way. Badges must be worn in plain sight while on premises. Qualified staff members may revoke badges at any time. Membership and access to events will be revoked with a pulled badge.

All Sales Final. No Exchanges or Refunds**

For registration related questions please contact us at

*If you have purchased a GOLD RANGER MEMBERSHIP, your child under 12 will be free to the main event, but will not have access to all the special events and seating that comes with GOLD RANGER MEMBERSHIP. WE WILL NOT PROVIDE CHILDCARE or SUPERVISION during the event so that you may attend our events.

**Unless you have purchased the optional insurance policy through at the time of your original purchase. Then you may contact the insurance company for their rules and regulations regarding a refund.

Power Morphicon reserves the right to modify the rules and regulations/code of conduct at any time.