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Not news First Guest announcement Bryan Cranston

Well know for his early Power Rangers Work and the new cinematic universe Zordon we are happy to announce Bryan Cranston

Thank you all for the comments remember never trust the internet on April 1st

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PMC 2016 Updates

The Dates for the next Power Morphicon are August 12th-14th 2016. The convention will be held in Pasadena California again. This is a great location with lots of hotel options and fantastic restaurants and shopping nearby.

Additional updates,

Registration will go live 9am PST August 1st 2015. Registration link will go live on the Power Morphicon Webpage, Facebook, and Twitter.

Memberships will be available till July 2016. After that only Saturday and Sunday tickets will be available at the Convention center box office the day of. Friday is only available to preregistered Memberships.

The Sheraton will only have a few rooms available at higher rates we will have more options for the Westin that is close by at the time of Opening or registration August 1st 2015.

About making plans to purchase plane tickets. You may want to wait a while. The prime time to buy domestic USA airfare is said to be approximately 6 to 8 weeks from your travel dates. And the prime time to buy international airfare is said to be anywhere from 3 to 5 months away from your travel dates. Waiting a while might save you some money

Children under 12 years are free with a paid adult. You will need to have the child present at the time of badge pickup. We had a lot of people registering for child badges that where not children at the last event.

Larger convention space this year. We will have both Hall A and Hall B this year for the event that will mean larger space and less congested walkways. This will also give us space for a Power Morphicon Art Gallery in the halls.

We will have only two panel rooms this year a main A room and one B room. The third room will be a new viewing room playing Power Ranger episodes through the convention with extended hours after the other events are over.

Gold Breakfast and VIP Meet and great. Vip Meet and great will be for Platinum members and one guest only this is included in Platinum Ranger membership. Gold Breakfast will be for Platinum and Gold Ranger memberships plus one guest at additional cost while spots are open. The Gold breakfast is limited to the space available. We will have Special guests at both events.

Platinum and Gold Special Thursday event information coming later as we can nail down prices for it . This will be a all new event at extra cost for August 11th 2016. Those that sign up for this will get their membership packages early on Thursday as well.

T-Shirts and Membership packages. We had issues last year with these and have taken steps to fix it. All packages will be pre made off site before the convention. In order to do this we will also have to cut all membership pre orders in July instead of August to get all items made in time and double checked. Gold and Platinum Memberships will also have a earlier pick up time for packages. Non-Attending packages will be made up at the same time and will be sent out after the convention.

Power Morphicon Exclusives will be back. We will have more info when it is available.

Press and professional registration will be open later this year
Vendor and Artist space will be made available later in the year.

Attendee Info

Platinum Registration

Early Registration pick up
Early entry to the convention
VIP meet and greet Friday night
Preferred Seating *
Two Autograph Tickets*
One Pro Photo Ticket *
Ability to buy Two Gold Breakfast event Tickets
Entry to Gold only Events *
Entry to Platinum only Events
Full set of Convention Pins
Convention T-Shirt
Gold Convention T-Shirt
Platinum Convention T-Shirt
Convention Hoodie
Platinum Hoodie
Convention Coin
Silver Convention Coin
Gold Convention Coin
Platinum Convention Coin
Convention Print
Silver Convention Print
Gold Convention Print
Platinum Convention Print
Program while supplies last
Cloth Deluxe Gift Bag While supplies last

Gold Ranger Registration

Full Weekend Pass  August 12th-14th 2016
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Early Registration pick up
Early entry to the convention
Preferred Seating *
one Autograph Ticket*
One Pro Photo Ticket *
Ability to buy Two Gold Breakfast event Tickets
Entry to Gold only Events *
Four Random Convention Pins
Gold Ranger Pin
Convention T-Shirt
Gold Convention T-Shirt
Convention Hoodie
Convention Coin
Silver Convention Coin
Gold Convention Coin
Convention Print
Silver Convention Print
Gold Convention Print
Program while supplies last
Cloth Deluxe Gift Bag While supplies last

Silver Ranger Registration

Full Weekend Pass  August 12th-14th 2016
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Two Random Convention Pins
Convention T-Shirt
Convention Coin
Silver Convention Coin
Convention Print
Silver Convention Print
Program while supplies last
Gift Bag While supplies last

Red Ranger Registration

Full Weekend Pass  August 12th-14th 2016
Friday Saturday and Sunday
Random Convention Pin
Convention Print
Program while supplies last
Gift Bag While supplies last

Blue Ranger Registration

Saturday August 13th 2016 only
Convention Print
Program while supplies last
Gift Bag While supplies last

Yellow Ranger Registration
Sunday  August 14th 2016 only
Convention Print
Program while supplies last
Gift Bag While supplies last

Robo Toy Fest may 24th !

The Next Robo Toy Fest and Brick Boutique Convention is Sunday May 24th 2015
At the Pasadena Convention Center.
300 Green street Pasadena CA

First ever appearance ! Romy J. Sharf Suit Actor for Alpha 5 Seasons 1-2 , TV specials Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Alpha’s Magical Christmas and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Karate Club

Christopher Khayman Lee : Power Rangers in Space red Ranger
Scott Shaw : Cartoonist Capt. Carrot and Annoying Orange
Dino Andrade : Voice Actor THE SCARECROW from BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM! and more
Rikki Simons : Voice actor  best know as GIR from Invader ZIM

Gundam Building Contest
Bring in your built kits and compete
Prizes sponsored by Robots 4 Less

Early Bird Admission $10.00 at 9am
Regular Admission $5.00 at 10am-4pm
Free Admission after 4pm
kids are always free
Gift bags while they last!
Expanded Kids play area!

Hourly Door Prizes!

Robo Toy Fest Exclusives!
RTF Robo Black version $5.00

Romy J. Sharf


Andrade Collage - No label


Rikki Simons

Rikki Simons

PMC express event at the Pasadena Comic and Toy show Feb 8th

PMC express event at the Pasadena Comic and Toy show Feb 8th .
Power Ranger guests include David Yost, Walter Jones, Steve Cardenas , Karan Ashley, and Brad Hawkins. We will have a large vendor room as well as other celebrity guests and artists. Admission is only $5.00 after 10am and kids under 12 are free.

pmc logo 3color PCTSKA2 PCTSST PCTSwj PCTSDY


Power Morphicon T-Shirts are coming at last!

First off we are very sorry for all of the Shirt issues at the convention. We have been working very hard to get them out to you ever since. We should have them in hand this weekend “subject to change” and will start shipping them out next monday the week of thanksgiving. One of the items we are sending out with the shirts as a gift for the delays is the Power Morphicon 1994-2014 Limited Edition print from the infamous Universal Studios live show event in 1994. We will be shipping out all missing shirts Non attendee memberships, Members who did not get there shirts at the show and any pre-orders . Thank you for being patient and Happy Holidays .

Shirts at the new printer

Shirts at the new printer

Power Morphicon 1994-2014 Limited Edition print

Power Morphicon 1994-2014 Limited Edition print

Packing supplies ready for shipping

Packing supplies ready for shipping

Contest time

Sponsored contest time !

The Great guys at TV Online are giving away a couple of things here is one. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Adult Costume Robe. All you have to do is comment below on this facebook post what color you want and Friday 21st we will pick a winner and TV Online will mail you your robe. One winner will be picked from the comments one comment per person or all comments will be invalid. No response back by Monday 24th a new winner will be picked out.

You need to comment on the Facebook post


SATURDAY Panel Schedule

SATURDAY Panel Schedule

Ignore the guide book it is wrong ! Sorry

Ribbon cutting w/ Saban and Make-A-Wish
Where It All Began (DOUBLE PANEL)
An in-depth retrospective with the cast and crew of MMPR and PRZ.
10:00 – 10:45
* Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley, Catherine Sutherland, Walter Jones, Nakia Burrise, Royce Herron, Rajia Baroudi, Alan Palmer, Brad Hawkins
10:45 – 11:30
* Doug Sloan, Kerrigan Mahan, Barbara Goodson, Ann Austin, Robert Axelrod, David Fielding, Jason Narvy, Jackie Marchand, Justin Cody Slaton, Scott Page-Pagter, Tony Oliver
Saban Brands Special Event
Walter Jones “The Original Black Ranger “
Forever Red(s)
The assembled Red Rangers throughout the history of the series unite to recount their many adventures.
* Austin St. John, Yuuta Mochizuki, Steve Cardenas, Selwyn Ward, Christopher Khayman Lee, Danny Slavin, Sean CW Johnson, Dan Southworth, Jason Faunt, Rick Medina, Brandon Jay McLaren, Alex Heartman, Kimberley Crossman
School’s in Session with Prof. Jason Navy.
Jason Narvy recounts his antics on and off camera. Food items will not be allowed in this panel. We swear.
* Jason Narvy
SPECIAL EVENT: Fujiyama Ichiban Action Live (15 min.)
* Michi Yamato, Takuji Kuramoto, Travis Hall, Wilsa Derro, Shota Tsuji
SPECIAL EVENT: Costume Ball and Cosplay Contest hosted by Jaze Cosplay
SPECIAL EVENT: Steven Skylar Live w/ Special Guests
Wild Access!
The cast of Power Rangers Wild Force recount their adventures defending the world.
* Ilia Volok, Ryan Goldstein, Jessica Rey, Jack Guzman, Philip Jean Marie, Phillip Andrew, Alyson Kiperman
Samurai Forever
The cast of Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai look back on their time with the series.
* Rick Medina, Najee De-Tiege, Steven Skyler, Alex Heartman, Hector David Jr., Kimberley Crossman
The Props of Power Rangers w/ Mark Richardson and Greg Aronowitz
Join two of PR’s legendary propmasters as they discuss all that goes into designing, building, duplicating, and maintaining the props and equipment behind the scenes of the show!
* Greg Aronowitz, Mark Richardson
Voice Actors
An in-depth discussion on the world of voice acting with some of the best in the business.
* Tony Oliver, Scott Page-Pagter, Eddie Frierson, Kerrigan Mahan, Barbara Goodson, David Fielding, Robert Axelrod, Michael Forest, Christopher Cho, Doug Sloan,
From Out of the Blue
Celebrating the Blue Rangers of Power Rangers.
* Blake Foster, Chris Violette, Steve Cardenas, Selwyn Ward, Michael Copon, Philip Jean Marie, Kevin Duhaney, Ari Boyland, Najee De-Tiege, David Yost, Jorge Vargas Jr.
Writing Power Rangers
A glimpse into the unique processes that shaped the world of PR from some of its foremost creative minds.
* Jackie Marchand, Ronnie Sperling, Tony Oliver, Greg Aronowitz, John Tellegen, Doug Sloan, Ann Austin, Mark Litton
The world of Americanized Tokusatsu programs beyond just Power Rangers; VR Troopers, Beetleborgs, Saban’s Masked Rider, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad!
* Brad Hawkins, Christopher Cho, Marshall Hilton, Matt Mullins, Rajia Baroudi, Robert Hughes, Troy Slaten, G. Beaudin, Rembrandt Sabelis, Doug Sloan, Tony Oliver, Scott Page-Pagter
Producing Power Rangers
A look into the process that brings Power Rangers onto television screens across the world.
* Tony Oliver, Worth Keeter, Scott Page-Pagter, Ron Wasserman, Mark Richardson, David Winning, Larry Litton, Greg Aronowitz, Doug Sloan, Jackie Marchand, Ann Austin,
Mega 64 Live
* Join the cast of Mega 64 in this live podcasting and vlogging event!
SPECIAL TICKETED EVENT: Scott Page-Pagter’s Panel
Paid tickets are bought from Scott Page-Pagter’s table in the hall
The Night Zero Show w/ Eric Fransisco (Night Two)
Join Eric in this intimate, (mostly) one-of-a-kind talk show event celebrating all things Power Rangers.
Suits and Stunts
Meet the real men and women behind the spandex and foam rubber in this in-depth discussion.
* Sophia Crawford, Michi Yamato, Erik Betts, Melissa Barker, Jason “Buckaroo” Ybarra, Elisabeth Fies, Hiroshi Maeda, Yasuhiro Takeuchi, Barrie Evans, TJ Rotolo
Enter the Lost Galaxy (PRLG)
A look back with the cast and crew of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy on its fifteenth anniversary.
* Amy Rolle, Reggie Rolle, Danny Slavin, Valerie Landon, Melody Perkins, Kerrigan Mahan, Scott Page-Pagter, Worth Keeter, Jackie Marchand
Ninja Storm / Dino Thunder / Mystic Force / Jungle Fury (I)
A retrospective with the casts and crews of four beloved seasons.
* Jorge Vargas Jr., Doug Sloan, Kevin Duhaney, Jeff Parazzo, David De Lautour, Anna Hutchinson, Jackie Marchand, John Tellegen, Ann Austin, Richard Brancatisano
Pretty and Powerful (II)
Celebrating the wonderful women both on and off camera throughout the history of the franchise.
* Alycia Purrott, Monica May, Valerie Landon, Hilary Shepard, Alison MacInnis, Jackie Marchand, Sophia Crawford, Kimberley Crossman, Alyson Kiperman
Shout Factory panel
Invader ZIM
* Richard Horvitz, Rikki Simions
Uncensored Live with Special Guests
*Karan Ashly
Power Progenitors: Dinosaur Sentai Zyuranger
A retrospective on the series which became the backbone for the original 40 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
* Yuuta Mochizuki, Hiroshi Maeda, Yasuhiro Takeuchi, Tsuyoshi Nonaka
In the Not-Too-Distant Future…
The cast and crew of Power Rangers SPD reunite the reminisce about their time in the year 2025.
* Monica May, Chris Violette, Brandon Jay Mclaren, Greg Aronowitz, Alycia Purrott, John Tellegen, Jackie Marchand
The Music of Power Rangers w/ Ron Wasserman
A detailed discussion on the creation of the many pieces of music throughout Ron’s time on the show.
* Ron Wasserman

Photo Ops Saturday

Photo ops schedule Ballroom A


Photo Ops

10:00am – Amy & Reggie Rolle $50
10:30 – Jean CW Johnson $40
11:00 – Steve Cardenas $40
11:30 – Vernon Wells $40
12:00pm – Yuuta Mochizuki $40
12:30 – Hiroshi Maeda $40
1:00 – SPD Cast $100
1:30 – Yasuhiro Takeuchi $40
2:00 – Jorge Vargas Jr. $40
2:30 – Melody Perkins $50
3:00 – Rhett Fisher $40
3:30 – Walter Jones $40
4:00 – Austin St. John $40
4:30 – Red Rangers Combo

Austin St. John and
Yutta Mochizuki $80

5:00 – Keith Robinson $40
5:30 – David Yost $40
6:30 – Karan Ashley $40